Your Customer Is The Heart Of Your Business

Peter Drucker said, "A business exists to create a customer."

Customer-centric marketing is redundant.

A lot of people confuse marketing with advertising. Advertising is only a part of the marketing mix. Experienced ad folks know, the last thing you want to do for your client is a good ad.

Marketing is first and foremost about understanding who's your potential customer. Understanding not only their demographics, but also their needs and optimally their wants and desires.

When you understand what they want and how important it is that need be filled, you can develop the appropriate products and services.


I watched a great TED video this morning. What made today's experience different was my discovery of About.Me.

I clicked on the link and came face to face with the speaker's About Me page. There at the top of the page I saw "Want your own page? Get yours today!

And my heart stopped. Well not literally, but you get the idea. I was shocked by the fear I felt. Whoa, Nelly! I don't have time for this. Don't go there big fella.

I was shocked by how viscerally I experienced the fear.

The Way We Do Things Around Here

Those seven words are famous. You hear them all the time. Churches, businesses, organizations,families, doesn't matter where. They pop up especially when someone has behaved in a manner out of alignment with "The Way".

Happy Birthday Daddy

My father, Warren Gayle Turner, Sr. was born July 29, 1929 in Richmond, VA. The maid picked him and said, "I don't care what y'all call him. I'm calling him Buddy." And he was Buddy until his dying day.

He had a way of making everything enjoyable.

I miss ya Daddy.

You Can!

Every story I've ever heard about people who've done great things has included a piece about how when the hero was growing up someone offered moral support. Someone affirmed the hero in their formative years.