Shined Shoes

When I was a boy I would sit down every Sunday morning with my dad and we would polish our shoes before we went to church. In the winter we sat in the kitchen, but during warmer months we would sit out on the back porch. It was a ritual I didn't always enjoy or appreciate, but I wanted to be like my dad and polished shoes were important to him, so...
To this day, few things lift my spirits like having my shoes shined. I was at the Sheraton West Hotel, here in Richmond, for the monthly meeting of the Virginia Society of Association Executives. I was a little early and so I decided to treat myself to having my shoes shined.

I struck up a conversation with the fellow.

His name is William and he mans the shoe shine stand Monday through Friday from Noon until four. He had come in early on Friday because he heard the VSAE was going to be there. During our conversation he shared that he's a Bishop and has a congregation of 40 in Petersburg, a great little town 30 miles south of Richmond.

He told me that 8 of his parishioners were currently unemployed and that one family's home had burnt down recently. To make matters worse the timing belt had failed on the church car, the one he used to bring folks back and forth to church. The car was totaled.

Just as he finished telling me the travails of his flock, he finished polishing my shoes. They looked brilliant. I paid him and he asked if I knew anyone who had a car they might like to donate to his ministry. I said, "I'll ask around."

So, everybody; does anybody have or know someone with a car they'd like to contribute?

I like this fellow, he's out there doing good work and helping people trying to catch their limit. I'd like to be able to help, so if you can help; please let me know.

If you feel like it forward this on to your friends.

Who knows, they may be able to help.

Oh, and as usual, I felt great with my newly shined shoes.

If you get the chance drop by and let him polish yours.

It's pretty much guaranteed to make you feel better.