When Will I Learn?

I'm a trained facilitator. I understand the value of having someone in charge of not only keeping a meeting on topic and on time, but also, the value of capturing/harvesting the thoughts offered and presenting them in a manner that allows the the participants to all get/stay on the same page.

So, why the hell do I allow myself to sit in meetings where the facilitator sits and takes notes on a piece of paper instead of putting the information on a white board or flip chart for everyone to see?

The confusion that continues to arise when people try and keep a lot of information in their heads versus writing on the board for all to see is unnecessary and all the more frustrating when I know a better way.

Talking at cross purposes, saying the same things and hearing different things are so easily avoided when someone will step up and use the board.

Well, hope springs eternal. Next time, I hope I exhibit sufficient leadership skills to suggest to whoever is leading the meeting they step up and use the board.