Do Something Redux

My father frequently told me to "Do something. I can fix wrong, I can't fix nothing." The irony is deciding WHAT to do.

There are so many opportunities. I joke that I suffer from ADOS (Attention Deficit Oooh Shiny). Every day a new op distracts me from focusing my energies and doing first thing first.

Well, my #1 "to do" for today was to post a blog.

After finding numerous other things to do (worthy distractions all) I decided I'd write something and get on with the rest of my "To Do" list.

Hence, I leave you with a short story about Vietnam.

A young Army 2nd Lieutenant is Vietnam was asked by his griseled Sergeant when surrounded by the enemy which was the best direction to attack.

The shavetail responded, "Analyze the enemy's position and when I've identified where they're weakest spot that's where we should attack.

The Sergeant said, "It's better to immediately attack whatever is in front of you for the longer you delay the tighter the circle and the fewer options you have."

So, I repeat the wisdom of the Sergeant and my daddy, the Boatswain's Mate, "Do Something. Right Now. We'll fix it later if necessary, but the odds are whatever you do now will be better than if you wait."