Got Mission?

I make my living helping business leaders make better decisions. At least that's what my clients tell me is the primary benefit they receive from the relationship.

There are several tools available but one of the first I employ is the Mission Statement. Before you stop reading let me share my take on the idea of missions and mission statements.

I believe mission statements are useless if you don't have a mission. On the other hand if you are on a mission then a statement clearly articulating what you desire is very useful.

The operative point here is do you have a mission?

In the context of this discussion an individual's or organization's mission is their vocation or calling. That irresistible impulse to pursue a goal or follow a path.

Thinking in terms of mission focuses the mind and elevates behavior. Pursuing a mission heightens the value of what's to be done.

I've a personal mission to enjoy my life and enthuse others to find joy in their life. At work my colleagues and I share the mission of helping people develop the skill set and mind set necessary to catch their limit.

I encourage you to invest a little time discerning whether or not you have mission.

Explore whether or not your company has a mission. Are your mission and your company's mission compatible? If so or not, how does that impact your productivity and job satisfaction?

My last thought on this topic, today, is if you don't have a mission, vocation, calling then don't waste your time writing a mission statement. But, if you do have an irresistible impulse that drives you please share it with me and let me know how your awareness of your mission impacts your life.