I watched a great TED video this morning. What made today's experience different was my discovery of About.Me.

I clicked on the link and came face to face with the speaker's About Me page. There at the top of the page I saw "Want your own page? Get yours today!

And my heart stopped. Well not literally, but you get the idea. I was shocked by the fear I felt. Whoa, Nelly! I don't have time for this. Don't go there big fella.

I was shocked by how viscerally I experienced the fear.

Fear that I was unprepared to sum myself up. Has the irony dawned on you that you're reading this on a blog called "Gayle Turner Speaks"? It would seem I have no difficulty with self promotion.

As I write this I am still feeling the unsettling physical tingling of anxiety. I've spent my career in businesses which require self promotion. Everything I've ever done has required a degree of sales. And we all know the first thing salespeople sell is themselves.

So, maybe you can imagine the shock of a salesman being hesitant to define himself.

Now, I imagine some of you are thinking I should seek professional help. (I hope some of you smiled at that.)

But I already have. I'm working with a consultant to help me clarify my personal brand. The value proposition I offer my clients.

Earlier in my career I helped ad agencies clarify their brands. People used to ask me, "Isn't that like taking coal to Newcastle?" I used to say, even when you're looking in a mirror you're seeing a reverse image. We all benefit from an objective third party.

The issue is finding a third party you trust.

While reading this did you asked yourself, "What's my brand?" What's my value proposition?" "Why do people do business with me?"

If so, I hope you too, seek professional help. (I'm smiling at that.)

The shock is wearing off.

Time for me to overcome my fear and explore About.Me.

Check it out for yourself.