You Can!

Every story I've ever heard about people who've done great things has included a piece about how when the hero was growing up someone offered moral support. Someone affirmed the hero in their formative years.

I have been extremely lucky in that I have had numerous people over the years support my efforts. From early childhood my parents told me I could. My sister told me I could. Betty Davis, my choir teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School, told me I could. Joe Davis, the director who cast me in my first professional show, told me I could. Tom Laughon, my creative partner for 35 years, told me I could. Stuart Sanders, who taught me how to be a consultant, told me I could.

There have been others and I continue to be deeply appreciative for their belief in me. Their confidence in my ability has helped me persevere in the face of all the people over the years who have told me I couldn't.

Particularly, that small voice in my own head when times have been tough that's tried to tell me I couldn't.

The world is facing a tough time right now. People are scared and in many cases not working together as well as they might.

That said, hear me when I tell you, You Can!

You can make a difference. You can find common ground with other people. You can find a way to work with people in your families, businesses and communities, near and far, to accomplish your dreams.

So, when the little voice in your head tries to tell you, you can't. Listen closely and I hope you hear me tell you, "You can!"

And then take the time to find someone and tell them they can, too.

Because as my Daddy, Warren Turner, used to say, "There's nothing you and I can't handle, one bite at a time."

Daddy would have been 82 today. He's been gone for 19 years and I still miss him something awful. But I continue to forge on, because I continue to hear him tell me "You Can!' and I'm telling you, you can, too.

So, get out there and do something worthy of our faith in you. Because I know you can.