Observe * Think * Decide * Act * Rinse & Repeat

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. Since 1995, I have delivered value in the marketplace as a strategic business consultant, i.e. I and the teams I work with help business people have a good time talking with each other. We help them have conversations that lead to timely decisions. Decisions they feel inspired to execute.

Two of the ways I build awareness of my practice are as a public speaker and as a writer.

After hearing me speak people have told me they've felt motivated to make a change in their lives. They have decided they could do something, they had heretofore felt hesitant about. That’s my goal. I believe the primary reason for speaking is encouraging action. As a consultant I work with business leaders to help them take action.

Leaders initiate change, sustain change and develop other leaders. I listen to business leaders at all levels within organizations and help them order their thoughts, so they may feel more confident in their choices and as such act more quickly and decisively.

Once my clients have a clear picture of where they are, and where they want to lead their organization, they communicate more effectively with everyone with a stake in their business: employees, customers, prospects, investors, creditors and influencers in the communities where they do business.